A small glimpse…

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Photography is simply taking an image and freezing a moment to reveal how rich reality truly is. Every picutre or drawing has a story behind it. A quote, a poem, a song….
Anything and everything.

Hey, I am enrebelled. This blog is about the deepness of life. Every image captured; every drawing drawn; every quote written has a story or meaning deeper than it seems. In this blog, I will be writing about all of those. About the secret of life. I hope you will like it๐Ÿ’ž

Life as a muppet

Sometimes things may seem so small, yet so big at the same time. Sometimes things are so big, yet we make them so small. We control the way we see things; its not the thing that counts but the way we want to see it. The moon is so huge, yet so small at the same time. In a teenagers eyes, the moon is a challenge. They characterize it as their unreachable dream. The dream that is million miles away. In a child’s eyes, the moon is a friend.  It is always near them; the closest one of all. Always there when they are afraid; always there to protect them through the night rhythms. But what if the moon is much more than all of those?In my opinion, the moon represents life. It represents the obstacles and the happy moments. If you look at this picture, you see the moon between the fingers of a person. Well let me tell you that it is way much more than that. This person is characterizing the moon as her life. She is a determined person that wants to shape her life the way she wants. Not the distance, nor the time could mar the beauty of her courage. This picture is trying to tell us that we should not let anything shape our life. We should shape it ourself. Hold it between our hands. Make good use of it. Dark times are all around us. But the way we del with them is our light. Keep the positive thoughts. And keep on dreaming until you reach what you want. Don’t let your fingers lose because your life depends on them. And don’t forget to dream big and aim high!

One’s medicine

One note can change a song.
One tune can change one’s mood and make him sing along.
One lyric can make one feel better.
One song can help one relax and become happier.
Music is the weapon in the war of discovering who we are.
It brings us closer to ourselves no matter how far.
It is the weapon against loneliness and fear.
It is the tissue that wipes away tears.
Through this, it makes us feel stronger.
Music heals the wounds that the past left.
It gives us the happiness that overthinking stole during its theft.
But why do we use music for the wrong things?
Why can’t people stop using it for the wrong and live in a peacefull world where everyone dances and sings?
Music is supposed to help people through their day misery.
Through the rythms of the night’s mystery
Whenever we feel down, music is the solution.
Whenever we feel happy, we express ourselves through music and in motion.
Music is the answer to all problems
Music is the medicine; it heals one’s pain.
It changes one’s life forever.
So make good use of ur music!
Don’t harm people and music’s history!

A Pact With the Moon

Counting down the hours, minutes, seconds to meet up with the moon.     Sitting between the trees; listening to a small tune.                                                     Million miles apart yet so close to one another.                                                         Between his arms, protecting us like a father.                                                                   No light, no trees, no distance.                       Could cut this special relationship with the moon through our entire existance.             We await him every night.                             Just because it feels right.                               And as we talk; he listens.                               As we walk; he stares.                                       We feel like he isn’t listening but he is trust me.                                                                     As you feel alone.                                             As nobody is answering the phone.               The moon is always there.                               If you sit down and just stare.                         You will feel better.                                           You will feel stronger.                                     This relationship with the moon is magical. But the time is critical.                                 Just know that he is always ready to listen to you.                                                               No matter what you do.                                   He is there for you.                                           All relationships fade away.                           Except that with the moon; it will stay.         So when you need support anytime soon.   Remember you have a pact with the moon.

Be Different!

Quote: “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle” -Francis of Asisi

Today’s world is full of empty people. All they care about is how to destroy your dreams and bring you down to crawl with them in their empty world. All they think of is how to impress people with what they wear. Today, our generation doesn’t know where to go; who to follow. This is why we make the wrong decisions. We follow the wrong people. We end up in trouble because they teach us wrong things. This will make us question our values and our life lessons. We start filling our heads with dark thoughts, and we love in darkness. But why are you doing this to yourselves? You are worth more than all of this. Instead of sitting in the dark, get up and see the light. You shouldn’t feel down because of somethinf wrong you did. You should get up and fix it! Bring the light to this dark world, don’t turn it darker. Change the world to the better, not to the worst. You are like the flame of a candle, full of life. Always fighting for the light. And one lighted candle can use its flame to light another candle, and the dark will turn to light. If you look at this picture, you see the dark. At the end, there is a small light. If you look at the people, you see them crawling to the light seeking to run away from ignorance. Guide them! And in this way, you will help them light again. And one by one, you will spread happiness and knowledge. What this quote is truing to tell us is that even through the darkest times, you can still shine. Think positively, and positive things will happen to you. And even if everyone around you is bad, it doesn’t mean you have to be bad too. Be different! Make the world a better place!

You can shine.

 “If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” -unknown

Whenever we feel down, we feel envaded by darkness. Sadness empties our hearts from liveliness and fills it with hopelessness. Sometimes we feel that we can’t find the right person to help us push those clouds filled with dark thoughts away so that we shine like the sun. We feel like we are an empty circle and we need someone to be the light poured in this circle for it to glow. But if you cannot fint this light, you can’t just stay living behind those clouds of darkness and tears. So push them away yourself. Believe in yourself. You are strong. You are powerful. Use that gained self confidence to help others get rid of their sadness. Think that instead of sitting here feeling pitty for yourself you could save a life just by smiling. And when you see the happiness on the faces around you, you become happy because you feel like you are important. Because you are important. Your smile is important. Your presence is important. Your acts are important. This quote is trying to tell us that by spreading positivity around you, you bring positivity to yourself. So push away those sad clouds and shine! 

 Be the sunshine!