You can shine.

 “If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” -unknown

Whenever we feel down, we feel envaded by darkness. Sadness empties our hearts from liveliness and fills it with hopelessness. Sometimes we feel that we can’t find the right person to help us push those clouds filled with dark thoughts away so that we shine like the sun. We feel like we are an empty circle and we need someone to be the light poured in this circle for it to glow. But if you cannot fint this light, you can’t just stay living behind those clouds of darkness and tears. So push them away yourself. Believe in yourself. You are strong. You are powerful. Use that gained self confidence to help others get rid of their sadness. Think that instead of sitting here feeling pitty for yourself you could save a life just by smiling. And when you see the happiness on the faces around you, you become happy because you feel like you are important. Because you are important. Your smile is important. Your presence is important. Your acts are important. This quote is trying to tell us that by spreading positivity around you, you bring positivity to yourself. So push away those sad clouds and shine! 

 Be the sunshine!


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