A Pact With the Moon

Counting down the hours, minutes, seconds to meet up with the moon.     Sitting between the trees; listening to a small tune.                                                     Million miles apart yet so close to one another.                                                         Between his arms, protecting us like a father.                                                                   No light, no trees, no distance.                       Could cut this special relationship with the moon through our entire existance.             We await him every night.                             Just because it feels right.                               And as we talk; he listens.                               As we walk; he stares.                                       We feel like he isn’t listening but he is trust me.                                                                     As you feel alone.                                             As nobody is answering the phone.               The moon is always there.                               If you sit down and just stare.                         You will feel better.                                           You will feel stronger.                                     This relationship with the moon is magical. But the time is critical.                                 Just know that he is always ready to listen to you.                                                               No matter what you do.                                   He is there for you.                                           All relationships fade away.                           Except that with the moon; it will stay.         So when you need support anytime soon.   Remember you have a pact with the moon.


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