One’s medicine

One note can change a song.
One tune can change one’s mood and make him sing along.
One lyric can make one feel better.
One song can help one relax and become happier.
Music is the weapon in the war of discovering who we are.
It brings us closer to ourselves no matter how far.
It is the weapon against loneliness and fear.
It is the tissue that wipes away tears.
Through this, it makes us feel stronger.
Music heals the wounds that the past left.
It gives us the happiness that overthinking stole during its theft.
But why do we use music for the wrong things?
Why can’t people stop using it for the wrong and live in a peacefull world where everyone dances and sings?
Music is supposed to help people through their day misery.
Through the rythms of the night’s mystery
Whenever we feel down, music is the solution.
Whenever we feel happy, we express ourselves through music and in motion.
Music is the answer to all problems
Music is the medicine; it heals one’s pain.
It changes one’s life forever.
So make good use of ur music!
Don’t harm people and music’s history!


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