Life as a muppet

Sometimes things may seem so small, yet so big at the same time. Sometimes things are so big, yet we make them so small. We control the way we see things; its not the thing that counts but the way we want to see it. The moon is so huge, yet so small at the same time. In a teenagers eyes, the moon is a challenge. They characterize it as their unreachable dream. The dream that is million miles away. In a child’s eyes, the moon is a friend.  It is always near them; the closest one of all. Always there when they are afraid; always there to protect them through the night rhythms. But what if the moon is much more than all of those?In my opinion, the moon represents life. It represents the obstacles and the happy moments. If you look at this picture, you see the moon between the fingers of a person. Well let me tell you that it is way much more than that. This person is characterizing the moon as her life. She is a determined person that wants to shape her life the way she wants. Not the distance, nor the time could mar the beauty of her courage. This picture is trying to tell us that we should not let anything shape our life. We should shape it ourself. Hold it between our hands. Make good use of it. Dark times are all around us. But the way we del with them is our light. Keep the positive thoughts. And keep on dreaming until you reach what you want. Don’t let your fingers lose because your life depends on them. And don’t forget to dream big and aim high!


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